On-site Services

Endovascular Suite

Our accredited endovascular suite provides a state-of-the-art minimally invasive operating room fitted with the latest imaging technology. Endovascular procedures require less recovery time, and generally have fewer potential complications. Many conditions can be treated in a single office visit. These conditions and treatments most commonly include dialysis acceess maintenance (fistulas, grafts, catheters), “PAD” angioplasty and stenting (clearing out blockages of the arteries in the legs), as well as laser vein surgery and micro-phlebectomy for varicose veins. Other in-office treatments are offered as well. Our in-office certified and highly trained staff, as well as anesthesiologists, provide a comfortable high-quality experience with great care. Patients’ receive the convenience of in-office treatment for a large variety of vascular issues in the time span of a routine office visit.

Vascular Lab

With the latest in non-invasive vascular lab equipment, and our experienced ultrasound staff, painless on-site vascular testing is performed seamlessly with your visit. While many sophisticated tests can be performed across a broad range of body regions, areas that are commonly tested for are: leg circulation (e.g. “PAD”), veins (including varicose veins), aneurysms, and carotids (circulation to the brain). The lab offers rapid painless accurate diagnosis of most vascular conditions. Results are made available immediately to your physician, along with the NSVS physician you are visiting. Most often, your office visit can be immediately combined with any necessary testing during that visit. It is this type of efficiency and quality care that NSVS prides itself on.

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